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information-seeking practices, artists, academic libraries


Library and Information Science


Factors which contribute to information-seeking patterns among artists within the academic community are characteristic of the nature of the discipline as expressed in the images they produce. The artist is a non-traditional library user whose primary informational sources are non-verbal, image documentation. Although the artists surveyed express the need to obtain such information from the library they do perceive their effort as successful due to bibliographical barriers related to image description. The large majority use the library most for arts journals and arts reproductions, and also use their personal libraries more than any other source. It is indicated here that librarians engaged in providing informational services to this community must focus on creating organizational and descriptive systems appropriate for the location of image documentation.


Master’s Research paper by

Maria C. Downey

B.F.A., Kent State University, 1980

M.L.S., Kent State University, 1993