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Creating a More Flexible Workforce: Are Leadership Institutes the Answer?

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Technical Services Quarterly

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Leadership institutes, Library Leadership Ohio, diverse workforce, flexible workforce, recruitment, retention, staffing shortages, staff development, Snowbird Leadership Institute, career progressions, networking


Library and Information Science


The authors participated in Library Leadership Ohio, a multi-type library leadership program. Since then both made successful transitions between public and academic libraries. The future of libraries will depend upon a more flexible workforce, and such transitions must become more commonplace. Yet there are perils inherent in such transitions which have not been systematically addressed. It is the authors’ contention that Library Leadership Ohio facilitated their work transitions. The program provided an opportunity to examine personal leadership styles in depth, and the knowledge and skills needed for effective leadership in a rapidly changing environment. It also helped identify professional goals, gave an opportunity to develop a network of professional peers, and provided on-going relationships with nationally known mentors. To test if this specific training facilitated their transitions between library types, participants in Library Leadership Ohio were surveyed regarding job transitions between types of libraries and the role that Library Leadership Ohio played in those transitions.