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Kent State University Libraries Develops a New System for Resource Selection

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2011 Charleston Conference Proceedings

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collection management, electronic resources


Library and Information Science


The presentation will describe the creation and implementation of Kent State University’s new centralized system for managing communications and workflow related to the review, selection and acquisition of electronic resources. This system provides selectors with price and trial information, tracks the review process, and compiles review scores and product commentary. It is an automated system for initiating and managing technical services workflow with regard to preliminary product research and price quotes; it automates communications for vendor price requests; and, it dispenses product and trial information to targeted selectors. The primary advantages of the system are: 1) it reclaims costly staff time by streamlining workflow and eliminating inefficient email communication, 2) it applies a standard method of coordinating the discovery, review and selection of new resources, and 3) it provides a record of past reviews to help prioritize resources for future purchases.