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Submissions from 2016


Data and Copyright, Cindy Kristof

Across the Stream: Collaboration in the Management of Streaming Video at Kent State University, Cindy Kristof, Jennifer Rice, and Karen Ronga

Submissions from 2015


Library as Place: What Students Value in a Performing Arts Library, Joe C. Clark


Are Audio Reserves Still Relevant in Libraries?, Joe C. Clark and Amanda L. Evans

Building Institutional Digitization Guidelines and Benchmarks for Nontraditional Materials and Collections: A Case Study of a Curious Collection of Fabric Swatches, Virginia Dressler

AACR2 to RDA: Is Knowledge of Both Needed During the Transition Period?, Peter H. Lisius

A Review of RDA: Strategies for Implementation by Magda El-Sherbini, Peter H. Lisius

Submissions from 2014

Breaking into the Field in a Tough Job Market, Joe C. Clark


Information-Seeking Behavior and Library Use by Distance Education Graduate Music Education Students, Joe C. Clark

Careers in Music Librarianship III: Reality and Reinvention, Susannah Cleveland and Joe C. Clark


Technical Services Workflow for Book Jobber Mediated Demand Driven ebook Acquisitions, Kay Downey


A Comparative Study of Print Book and DDA Ebook Acquisition and Use, Kay Downey, Yin Zhang, Cristobal Urbano, and Tom Klingler

KSUL: An Evaluation of Patron-Driven Acquisitions for Ebooks, Kay Downey, Yin Zhang, Cristobal Urbano, and Tom Klingler


Print Book vs. DDA ebook Acquisition and Use at KSU Library, Kay Downey, Yin Zhang, Cristobal Urbano, and Tom Klingler

Review of "Catalogue 2.0: The Future of the Library Catalogue", edited by Sally Chambers, Peter Lisius

Maxwell's Handbook for RDA: Examining and Illustrating RDA: Resource Description and Access Using MARC 21, Peter H. Lisius

Understanding the Why: A Case Study in Managing the RDA Implementation, Margaret Beecher Maurer and Roman S. Panchyshyn

RDA Display and the General Material Designation: An Innovative Solution, Roman S. Panchyshyn

Resource Description and Access (RDA) Database Enrichment: The Path to a Hybridized Catalog, Roman S. Panchyshyn and Amey L. Park

The Restricted Section: The Library at Hogwarts, Elizabeth A. Richardson and Sarah Wagner

Submissions from 2013

Informed Transitions: Libraries Supporting the High School to College Transition, Kenneth J. Burhanna


The Transition Movement: From Blueprint to Construction Zone, Kenneth J. Burhanna

Business Books for the Library Middle Manager: An Annotated Bibliography, Joe C. Clark

Format Preferences of Performing Arts Students, Joe C. Clark


Researcher’s Corner: What are the Qualifications for an Entry-Level Music Librarian?, Joe C. Clark

What Employers Want: Entry-Level Qualifications for Music Librarians, Joe C. Clark

Review of "Archives, Museums, and Collecting Practices in the Arab World", Kay Downey

Why Did We Buy That? New Directions in Collection Development, Kay Downey


Libraries and the High School to College Transition: A Selective, Annotated Bibliography, Tammy J. Eschedor Voelker


Pathways for Success: The Evolution of TRAILS and Transitioning to College, Tammy J. Eschedor Voelker, Barbara F. Schloman, and Julie A. Gedeon

From Crime to Culture: The 25th Anniversary of the Borowitz Collection at Kent State University, edited by Cara Gilgenbach and Kathleen S. Medicus, Cara Gilgenbach and Kathleen S. Medicus

Resource Description and Access and Ohio Public Libraries, Frank P. Lambert, Roman S. Panchyshyn, and Sevim McCutcheon


e-Book Acquisitions: Methods, Management, and Workflows, Andrea M. Langhurst and Kay Downey

PCC Practice for Assigning Uniform Titles for Television Programs: Principle versus Practice, Peter Lisius

Challenges of Redesigning Staff Work Space, Karen I. MacDonald and Wyoma vanDuinkerken

Asking the Right Questions: An E-Resource Checklist for Documenting Cataloging Decisions for Batch Cataloging Projects, Roman S. Panchyshyn

Review of "DEMYSTIFYING SERIALS CATALOGING: A BOOK OF EXAMPLES" by Fang Huang Gao, Heather Tennison, and Janet A. Weber, Roman S. Panchyshyn

Bibliographic Management Software: A Focus Group Study of the Preferences and Practices of Undergraduate Students, Jamie Salem and Paul Fehrmann

Wide Awake at 4 AM: A Study of Late Night User Behavior, Perceptions and Performance at an Academic Library, Edith Scarletto, Kenneth J. Burhanna, and Elizabeth A. Richardson

Publishing in Discipline-Specific Non-Library Journals for Promoting Information Literacy, Robert Tomaszewski, Karen I. MacDonald, and Sonia Poulin

Publishing in Discipline-Specific Open Access Journals: Opportunities and Outreach for Librarians, Robert Tomaszewski, Sonia Poulin, and Karen I. MacDonald

Submissions from 2012

Review of "Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia", Kenneth J. Burhanna

Connecting Print Patrons to Electronic Holdings with Shelf Dummies, Joe C. Clark

Job Trends in Music Librarianship: A Nine-Year Analysis of the Music Library Association's Job List, Joe C. Clark

Review of David Dicaire’s The Early Years of Folk Music: Fifty Founders of the Tradition, Joe C. Clark


Review of Long Lost Blues: Popular Blues in America, 1850–1920 by Peter C. Muir, Joe C. Clark

User-Centered Events in a Performing Arts Library., Joe C. Clark


Cooperative Collection Development: Sharing Funds, Resources, and Responsibilities Across Libraries: A Pilot Program in Nursing, Kay Downey


Kent State University Libraries Develops a New System for Resource Selection, Kay Downey

Managing Selection for Electronic Resources: Kent State University Develops a New System to Automate Selection, Kay Downey

The OHDEP Project: Creating a Shared Catalog for the Northeast Ohio Depository, Kay Downey


A Systematic Literature Review Model for Religion, Paul Fehrmann and Sarah Wagner

Publishers’ Canvassing Books in Special Collections and Archives, Kent State University Libraries, Cara Gilgenbach

A Subject-based Shared Approval Plan for Consortia Purchasing of U.S. University Press Books, Robert Kairis


Smart Pull for Remote Storage: How to Keep (Mostly) Everyone Happy When Making a Large Collection Move to Remote Storage, Tom Klingler

“PCC Practice for Assigning Uniform Titles for Motion Pictures: Principle versus Practice, Peter Lisius

Review of "Scholarly Practice, Participatory Design and the eXtensible Catalog", edited by Nancy Fried Foster et al., Peter Lisius


Square Pegs in Round Holes: Adapting Cataloging Metadata Standards for Use with Digital Media Files, Peter Lisius and Richard Griscom

The CollaboraTes Story: Best Practices for Cross-Institutional Collaborations, Margaret Beecher Maurer, Julia A. Gammon, and Bonita Pollock


If You Build It, Will They Come? Building the Collaborative Infrastructure and the OhioLINK CollaboraTeS Toolbox, Margaret Beecher Maurer, Julie A. Gedeon, and Barbara Strauss

Designing Policy for Copy Cataloging in RDA, Sevim McCutcheon

RDA and the Reference Librarian: What to Expect from the New Cataloging Standard, Sevim McCutcheon

Benefits of Batch Reclamation: The Kent State University Libraries Experience, Roman S. Panchyshyn

Information-seeking Behaviors of Podiatric Physicians, Donna Perzeski

Uniqueness Matters: LCSH and Keywords in the Library Catalog's ETD Records., Theda Schwing, Sevim McCutcheon, and Margaret Beecher Maurer

Submissions from 2011


Experiences from the Field: Choosing a Discovery Tool for YOUR Unique Library, Jennifer Castaldo, Christine Korytnyk Dulaney, Tom Klingler, Doralyn Rossman, and Laura Wrubel


Creative Fundraising Through Campus Collaborations, Joe C. Clark

Review of "Radiohead and the Resistant Concept Album: How to Disappear Completely" by Marriane Tatom Letts, Joe C. Clark

Review of The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online, Joe C. Clark

Review of "Where the Dark and the Light Folks Meet: Race and the Mythology, Politics, and Business of Jazz" by Randall Sandke, Joe C. Clark


Review of Woody Guthrie, American Radical by Will Kaufman, Joe C. Clark


Kent State University Libraries Develops a New System for Resource Selection, Kay Downey

Computer Search Reporting, Paul G. Fehrmann

Comprehensive Computer Searches and Reporting in Systematic Reviews, Paul Fehrmann and Joelle Thomas

Comprehensive computer searches and reporting in systematic reviews, Paul Fehrmann and Joelle Thomas

U. S. Copyright and Interlibrary Loan Practice, Cindy Kristof

Who's Doing What? Findability and Author-Supplied ETD Metadata in the Library Catalog, Margaret Beecher Maurer, Sevim McCutcheon, and Theda Schwing

Basic, Fuller, Fullest: Treatment Options for Electronic Theses and Dissertations, Sevim McCutcheon

RDA Testing in Triplicate: Kent State University's Experiences Testing RDA, Sevim McCutcheon

The Nature of Natural Science. An exhibition of books and archives in Special Collections. Hand-list of Items & Collections Exhibited, Kathleen S. Medicus and Cara Gilgenbach

Review of "No Shelf Required: E-Books in Libraries" edited by Sue Polanka, Roman S. Panchyshyn


Restricted Section: The Library as Presented in Harry Potter, Elizabeth A. Richardson and Sarah Wagner

Submissions from 2010


Review of "The Integration of Major League Baseball: A Team-By-Team History", Kenneth J. Burhanna

The DeathFlip Project: Automating Death Date Revisions to Name Headings in Bibliographic Records, Michael Kreyche, Peter Lisius, and Amey L. Park

Review of "Information and Liberation: Writings on the Politics of Information and Librarianship" by S. Durrani, Cindy Kristof

Review of "Cataloging of Audiovisual Materials and Other Special Materials: A Manual Based on AACR2 and MARC 21. Fifth Edition" by Nancy B. Olson, Peter Lisius

Review of "Describing Electronic, Digital, and Other Media Using AACR2 and RDA" by Mary Beth Weber and Fay Angela Austin, Peter Lisius

Review of Music for Airports, directed by Frank Scheffer, and music by Brian Eno, Peter Lisius

Review of "Shelflisting Music" by Richard M. Smiraglia, Peter Lisius

Review of "Uniform Titles for Music" by Michelle Koth., Peter Lisius

Integrating Enhance and NACO Work into Pre-Professional Experiences: A Successful Strategy for All, Peter Lisius, Margaret Beecher Maurer, Sevim McCutcheon, and Jacob Schaub

Entrepreneurship Outreach: A New Role for the Academic Business Librarian, Karen I. MacDonald


Review of "Acquisitions in the New Information Universe: Core Competencies and Ethical Practices" by Jesse Holden, Margaret Beecher Maurer


Review of "Beginning Cataloging" by Jean Weihs and Sheila S. Intner, Margaret Beecher Maurer

Review of "Introducing RDA: A Guide to the Basics" by Chris Oliver, Margaret Beecher Maurer


Review of "Licensing Digital Content: A Practical Guide for Librarians, 2nd ed." by Lesley Ellen Harris, Margaret Beecher Maurer


US RDA Testing Period, Margaret Beecher Maurer

Historical Convergence: The Kent State University Centennial and May 4 40th Anniversary, Stephen H. Paschen and Cara Gilgenbach

Submissions from 2009

No Natives Here: A Focus Group Study of Student Perceptions of Web 2.0 and the Academic Library, Kenneth J. Burhanna, Jamie Seeholzer, and Joseph A. Salem Jr

A Web-Based Usage Counter for Serial Collections, Roger Davis