Teaching Technology Through Story: Learning to Make Sense of the Story Developer

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Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

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Communication Technology and New Media | Creative Writing | Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Educational Methods | Educational Technology


There has been a tremendous resurgence of interest in narrative in many fields and disciplines including educational technology. Behind this concept of narrative is the idea that the story form is a fundamental structure of mind and an activity humans use to make meaning of experience. One demand we face as educators and technologists is to learn more about the role of narrative in teaching and learning. This study documents one case of a teacher educator teaching technology through narrative, or a “storied” curriculum. Evidence from this study suggests that teachers wanting to use a narrative approach must: (a) create a space for the sharing of stories; (b) support students in their development of a teleography; and (c) develop ways to document and evaluate the reshaping of original stories. Even without a storied curriculum, educators must begin to understand both the role of student as “story developer” and the fluidity of the story as “process.” Suggestions for future research are offered.