Developing a Survey to Measure Best Practices of K-12 Online Instructors

Publication Title

Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

Publication Date

Spring 2009

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mentors, elementary Secondary Education, Online Courses, professional development, computer assisted instruction, best practices, surveys, virtual classrooms, technology integration, evaluation, electronic learning, teaching experience




Limited data exists related to teaching and learning in K-12 virtual schools. This paper builds upon a recent study related to successful practices of K-12 online instructors. The paper describes the utilization of a survey built upon qualitatively derived best practices of K-12 online instructors and provides the opportunity to relate these practices to teacher's perceived professional development needs. Outcomes indicate that virtual school instructors identify online presence, diligent student monitoring and an enjoyment of technology among factors that contribute to virtual school instructor success. Instructors also identified face-to-face student mentors as a key component for success. Respondents felt that they would benefit from professional development focused on technological skills, content-based technological integration and evaluative resources for online learners. The paper concludes with a call for additional research to refine and implement the assessment.