Riverside Press Editions Designed by Bruce Rogers


Riverside Press Editions Designed by Bruce Rogers




The Riverside Press was a captive press within Houghton Mifflin & Company, committed to the creation of high quality books. Bruce Rogers came to Boston, Massachusetts, the home of Houghton Mifflin and an area with a rich printing history, to work for the magazine Modern Art. After the closure of Modern Art, Houghton Mifflin & Company hired Rogers in 1895 to fill the position left open by another great American printer, Daniel Berkeley Updike who left to found the Merrymount Press. Rogers wanted to produce fine editions at the press, but didn’t know how to convince those above him at Houghton Mifflin to invest in such productions. When Rogers entered some small books he created in his private workshop, using type that he bought from the press, into an arts and crafts exhibit in Boston, he caught the attention of George H. Mifflin, and was granted the opportunity to design fine editions at the Riverside Press. This gallery contains select images of Rogers' work at Riverside Press.


Riverside Press Editions Designed by Bruce Rogers