Submissions from 2014


The Physiologic and Behavioral Implications of Playing Active and Sedentary Video Games in a Seated and Standing Position, Gabriel J. Sanders, Michael Rebold, Corey A. Peacock, Meagan L. williamson, Antonio Santo, and Jacob E. Barkley

Submissions from 2011

Emotional Reactivity, Regulation and Childhood Stuttering: A Behavioral and Electrophysiological Study, Hayley S. Arnold, Edward G. Conture, Alexandra P.F. Key, and Tedra Walden

Effect of Acute Salt Ingestion Upon Core Temperature in Healthy Men, Matthew D. Muller, Edward J. Ryan, David M. Bellar, Chul-Ho Kim, Megan E. Williamson, Ellen L. Glickman, and Robert Blankfield

Submissions from 2010

Core Features of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Impairments in Communication and Socialization, and Restrictive Repetitive Acts, Lisa R. Audet

Emotion Regulation in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Lisa R. Audet

Enhancing Social Relationships and Communications in Individuals With an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Lisa R. Audet

Uncovering the Moral Compass: An Integrated Ethics Education Approach Transcending the Curriculum, Kimberly S. Peer and Gretchen A. Schlabach