Fossil Isopod and Decapod Crustaceans from the Kowai Formation (Pliocene) Near Makikihi, South Canterbury, New Zealand

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New Zealand Journal of Geology & Geophysics

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Crustacea, Decapoda, Isopoda, Brachyura, Cirolanidae, Thalassinidea, Upogebiidae, Goneplacoidea, Grapsidae, Pliocene, New Zealand, Cirolana makikihi, Upogebia kowai, Austrohelice manneringi, Kowaicarcinus maxwellae, new taxonomic names


Earth Sciences | Geology | Paleontology


Small concretions and specimens embedded in the matrix have yielded a new Pliocene crustacean fauna from the Kowai Formation near Makikihi, South Canterbury, New Zealand. The fauna is relatively robust, with five identifiable taxa. Three new species are named herein, including the isopod Cirolana makikihi and the decapods Upogebia kowai and Austrohelice manneringi. One new genus and species of decapod, Kowaicarcinus maxwellae, is also named. The fauna documents the second occurrences of fossil isopod and upogebiid from New Zealand. The fauna is indicative of a nearshore setting with some mixing with taxa from shallow, offshore, normal marine settings.