Submissions from 2015

Population Geography II: Mortality, Premature Death, and the Ordering of Life, James A. Tyner


Bare Life, Dead Labor, and Capital(ist) Punishment, James A. Tyner and Alex Colucci

Feminist Geopolitics, Everyday Death, and the Emotional Geographies of Dang Thuy Tram, James A. Tyner and Samuel Henkin

Submissions from 2014

Dead Labor, Landscapes, and Mass Graves: Administrative Violence During the Cambodian Genocide, James A. Tyner

Phnom Penh During the Cambodian Genocide: A Case of Selective Urbicide, James A. Tyner, Samuel Henkin, Savina Sirik, and Sokvisal Kimsroy

Violence as Fetish: Geography, Marxism, and Dialectics, James A. Tyner and Joshua Inwood

Submissions from 2013

Cities Destroyed (again) for Cash: Forum on the U.S. Foreclosure Crisis, Jeff Krump, Kathe Newman, Eric S. Belsky, Phil Ashton, David H. Kaplan, Daniel J. Hammel, and Elvin Wyly

Population Geography I: Surplus populations, James A. Tyner

Submissions from 2012

State Sovereignty, Bioethics, and Political Geographies: The Practice of Medicine Under the Khmer Rouge, James A. Tyner

Memory and the Everyday Landscape of Violence in Post-Genocide Cambodia, James A. Tyner, Gabriela Brindus Alvarez, and Alex R. Colucci

Moving Beyond the ‘Arab Spring’: The Ethnic, Temporal, and Spatial Bounding of a Political Movement, James A. Tyner and Stian Rice

Submissions from 2009

An analysis of the relationship between housing foreclosures, lending practices, and neighborhood ecology: evidence from a distressed county, David Kaplan and Gail G. Sommers