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Sport Marketing Quarterly

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sports management, customer loyalty, market segmentation, spectators


Business | Sports Management


The purpose of this study was to develop a psychological commitment to team (PCT) scale to be used in segmenting sport consumers based on loyalty. Previous research on the loyalty construct suggested the importance of using both behavioral and attitudinal measures when attempting to assess the loyalty of consumers (Backman & Crompton, 1991a; Day, 1969). Although measures of behavioral loyalty are readily available in team sports (e.g., attendance, television viewing), no appropriate measure of attitudinal loyalty was available prior to the current study. A number of statistical procedures and four separate data collections were used to assess the strength of the PCT scale. The PCT scale provides sport marketers with a reliable and valid measurement tool for differentiating consumers into discrete segments based on the strength of their overall loyalty. Alternative strategies for strengthening fan allegiance for each of the different loyalty segments are provided.