Research Collaboration and Publication during Graduate Studies: Evaluating Benefits and Costs from Students' Perspectives

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College Student Journal

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In today's academic climate, the old adage "publish or perish" no longer applies solely to postdoctoral scholars, lecturers, visiting and tenure-track faculty members. Many masters and doctoral (graduate) students nationwide are expected to publish their research results before graduation. Many leading academic departments have required their respective master's and doctoral students to publish at least one and two to three research articles in scholarly journals, respectively, as part of their graduation requirements. Publishing research papers are a lengthy process, often involving collaboration with faculty mentors. Although benefits of having research collaboration and subsequent publication with faculty mentors are numerous, costs should also be carefully considered and evaluated. A benefit/cost analysis has indicated that the benefits of research collaboration and publication with faculty mentors have clearly outweighed the costs. This article briefly evaluates the benefits and costs of research publications with faculty mentors from students' perspectives while attending graduate schools.