Investigating the Diverse Landscape of Championship and Playoff Site Selection Procedures across American High School Athletics

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ICHPER-SD Journal of Research

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Sport management, site selection, high school athletics


Business | Sports Management


The purpose of this study was to reveal the remarkable differences and similarities various interscholastic athletic state governing bodies possess with regard to championship or playoff site selection procedures. Currently, secondary sources are the main source of information on the selection process of championship or playoff sites for interscholastic athletics. Twentysix (51.0%) questionnaires were collected from interscholastic state association executive directors, but only 24 were analyzed due to non or incomplete responses. The survey instrument asked participants if (a) states provided a bid process for championship/ playoff events, (b) what criteria was used to select playoff sites, and (c) if any championship contests found permanent homes. Over one-half (n=13) provided no official bid process and when they did no standard criteria appeared. Some sports accepted permanent homes for their contests and many state associationgoverning bodies mentioned the importance of the media, studentathlete, and financial concerns.