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Sport Marketing Quarterly

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sport management, sports marketing, NCAA, resource management


Business | Sports Management


Administrators at NCAA Division I institutions have multiple sport programs to market, yet resource limitations challenge these administrators to identify efficient and equitable resource allocation strategies. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine how NCAA Division I marketing administrators allocate marketing resources to their various sport programs. Three norms of exchange: rationality, distributive justice, and power, are used as a conceptual framework, and primary marketing administrators at NCAA Division I institutions were surveyed. Results revealed past results and perceived scarcity of both monetary and non-monetary resources predicted allocation norms used to distribute marketing resources. Marketing administrators who agreed with distributive justice as a resource allocation norm were likely to allocate more monetary and non-monetary resources to women's sports. Administrators agreeing that power influenced marketing resource allocations were more likely to allocate both monetary resources and non-monetary resources to men's sports over women's sports.