Excellence in Performing Arts Research


This qualitative action research case study examines the experiences of three band students in an American high school. The participants took leadership roles in a large performing ensemble. Their overall experience may be affected by this additional responsibility. To understand more about the role of leadership in the band room the following research questions were investigated: (1) How has student participation in a leadership role influenced his or her view of the band? (2) What are the influences that impact student participation in the band? (3) What are the implications for leadership roles in the band? Three individual students were purposefully selected to participate in this case study. Students were interviewed, and then combined in a focus group and finally observed working with their sections. Individual interviews and the focus group discussion was recorded, transcribed and entered into NVivo. Codes and themes were identified and referenced for common threads and concepts. The goal of this study was to understand and assist the future training of leaders in the band setting.



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