Web and Database Network Environments for Educational Supply and Demand

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Campus Wide Information Systems

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education, production, databases, Internet, information systems, learning




College and university technology administrators and faculty face an interesting scenario of technology supply and demand. On one hand, the promise of technology for enhanced learning has created a demand from faculty to be provided with cutting‐edge hardware, software, and training aimed at technology implementation into their curriculum. However, education, economy and businesses’ need for technically‐savvy scholars and workers has meant an increase in the supply of students returning to receive education in technology‐related fields. We argue that merging these two in advanced technology courses solves an institute’s need for software and training; it also provides incoming students with an authentic learning environment for appreciating the complex domain of technological tools in education. The creation, development, and implementation of the Physical Science Activity Database is provided to demonstrate that, although this idea is not necessarily new, using Web and database networks enables widespread reusability as well as complexity of learning.