What Do They Know? A Comprehensive Portrait of Exemplary Technology-Using Teachers

Publication Title

Journal of Computing in Teacher Education

Publication Date

Winter 2001

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teachers, educational technology


Education | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Teacher Education and Professional Development


This article reports on a survey of an exemplary group of teachers who use (or plan to use) technology in their classrooms. The 93 (out of 118) teachers included in this study were selected to receive a state technology grant through a competition that asked them to offer project ideas for technology integration. Each of these teachers has, at the very least, proposed an innovative project that exemplifies effective and appropriate uses of technology in education. In this article, we attempt to paint a comprehensive portrait of this group in terms of their knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs. We hope this article will serve two purposes: (1) to provide some beginning baseline information to help conceptualize what teachers should know to take advantage of modern technologies; and (2) to help develop professional development programs in technology that are more connected to practice and reality.