Submissions from 2014


Documenting the Information-seeking Experience of Remedial Undergraduate Students, Shelley Blundell


The Past is Prologue: Archival Literacy as Bridge between Archivists and Educators, Shelley Blundell

Fitting social media into the media landscape during a 2012 Republican Primary, Paul M. Haridakis, Gary Hanson, Mei-Chen Lin, and Jennifer Leigh Mccullough

Submissions from 2013

The Role of Background Characteristics, Music-Listening Motives, and Music Selection on Music Discussion, James D. Belcher and Paul M. Haridakis

Let's Be Facebook Friends: Exploring Parental Facebook Friend Requests from a Communication Privacy Management (CPM) Perspective, Jeffrey T. Child and David A. Westermann

Uses and gratifications: A social and psychological perspective of media use and effects, Paul M. Haridakis

Submissions from 2012

Blogging Privacy Rule Orientations, Privacy Management, and Content Deletion Practices: The Variability of Online Privacy Management Activity at Different Stages of Social Media Use, Jeffrey T. Child, Paul M. Haridakis, and Sandra Petronio


Introduction, Part II: Media culture and public memory, Paul M. Haridakis

Sports viewers and intergroup-related communication, Paul M. Haridakis

News on the rocks: Exploring the agenda-setting effects of Blood Diamond in print and broadcast news, Rekha Sharma

Submissions from 2011

From “Alternative” to “Trance”: The Role of Music in Facilitating Political Group Activity and Activism, James D. Belcher and Paul M. Haridakis

Differing Uses of YouTube During the 2008 U.S. Presidential Primary Election, Gary L. Hanson, Paul M. Haridakis, and Rekha Sharma

Understanding fans’ consumption and dissemination of sports: An introduction, Paul M. Haridakis and Adam C. Earnheardt

Campaign 2008: Comparing YouTube, social networking and other media use among younger voters and older voters, Paul M. Haridakis and Gary Hanson

Submissions from 2010

The 2008 Presidential Campaign: Political Cynicism in the Age of Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube, Gary L. Hanson, Paul M. Haridakis, Audrey Wagstaff Cunningham, Rekha Sharma, and J. D. Ponder

Rival sports fans and intergroup communication, Paul M. Haridakis

The religious explorations of Thomas Jefferson and his public and private expressions of faith, Paul M. Haridakis

Communication Research: Strategies and Sources, 7th Edition, Rebecca B. Rubin, Alan M. Rubin, and Paul M. Haridakis

Submissions from 2009

An Examination of Fan-Athlete Interaction: Fandom, Parasocial Interaction, and Identification, Adam C. Earnheardt and Paul M. Haridakis

The use of “speech zones” to control public discourse in the 21st century, Paul M. Haridakis and A. Ferris

Social Interaction and Co-Viewing With YouTube: Blending Mass Communication Reception and Social Connection, Paul M. Haridakis and Gary L. Hanson

The impact of war on communication theory, research and the field of communication, Paul M. Haridakis, Barbara S. Hugenberg, and Stanley T. Wearden

NASCAR’s role post-9/11: Supporting all things American, Paul M. Haridakis and Lawrence Hugenberg

The Role of Internet User Characteristics and Motives in Explaining Three Dimensions of Internet Addiction, Junghyun Kim and Paul M. Haridakis

The Republican Rhetoric of Identification With Gay and Lesbian Voters in the 2000 Presidential Campaign, Jeffrey Nelson


Internet Use and Cross-Cultural Adaptation: Testing a Model of Internet Use in the Cross-Cultural Adaptation Context, Ying Wang, Shaojing Sun, and Paul M. Haridakis

Submissions from 2008

Exploring fandom and motives for viewing televised sports, Adam C. Earnheardt and Paul M. Haridakis


YouTube Users Watching and Sharing the News: A Uses and Gratifications Approach, Gary L. Hanson and Paul M. Haridakis

Media Influence to Audience Mindsets: The Changing Face of Mediated Communication in the 20th and 21st Centuries, Paul M. Haridakis and Stanley T. Weardon

The influence of dispositions and Internet motivation on online communication satisfaction and relationship closeness, Vikanda Pornsakulvanich, Paul M. Haridakis, and Alan M. Rubin

Exploring the motives of fantasy sports: A uses-and gratifications approach., John S.W. Spinda and Paul M. Haridakis

The Role of Motivation and Media Involvement in Explaining Internet Dependency, Shaojing Sun, Alan M. Rubin, and Paul M. Haridakis

Submissions from 2006

Citizen Access and Government Secrecy, Paul M. Haridakis

Men, Women, and Televised Violence: Predicting Viewer Aggression in Male and Female Television Viewers, Paul M. Haridakis

Understanding Electronic Media Audiences: The Pioneering Research of Alan M. Rubin, Paul M. Haridakis and Evonne H. Whitmore

Submissions from 2005


Homeland Security and Democracy in the United States During the War on Terrorism, Paul M. Haridakis

The tension between national/homeland security and the first amendment in the new century, Paul M. Haridakis

Third-Person Effects in the Aftermath of Terrorism, Paul M. Haridakis and Alan M. Rubin

Television exposure not predictive of terrorism fear, Alan M. Rubin, Paul M. Haridakis, G. Hullman, S. Sun, P. Chikombero, and Vikanda Pornsakulvanich

Submissions from 2004

Ethnocentrism, Paul M. Haridakis

Korematsu v. United States, Paul M. Haridakis

National Origin, Paul M. Haridakis

The Federal Communications Commission, Paul M. Haridakis

The War On Terrorism: Military Tribunals And The First Amendment, Paul M. Haridakis

Sex discrimination, Paul M. Haridakis and Richard J. Bennett

The Civil Rights Act of 1991, Paul M. Haridakis and Richard J. Bennett

Submissions from 2003

Motivation for Watching Television Violence and Viewer Aggression, Paul M. Haridakis and Alan M. Rubin

Viewer Aggression and Attraction to Television Talk Shows, Alan M. Rubin, Paul M. Haridakis, and Keren Eyal

Submissions from 2002

Viewer Characteristics, Exposure to Television Violence, and Aggression, Paul M. Haridakis

Submissions from 2001


The right to bear (and the regulation of) arms and quills, Paul M. Haridakis

Submissions from 2000

The Regulation of Indecent but Nonobscene Computer-Mediated Expression and the First Amendment, Paul M. Haridakis

Submissions from 1999

Commentator Ethics: A Policy, Paul M. Haridakis