Performance Characteristics of an Integrated 50We Portable JP-8 SOFC - Reformer System

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ECS Transactions

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integrated 50We Portable JP-8 SOFC - Reformer system


Chemical Engineering


NanoDynamics Energy Incorporated is developing a family of compact, integrated, partial oxidation reformer (POX) - SOFC systems suitable for methane, propane, diesel and JP8 fuels. The development program aims to bring to the market highly efficient, clean, and cost competitive fuel cell systems with outputs above 50We for portable power generation applications. The partial oxidation reformer was combined with a SOFC stack and a system test for the integrated process chain was performed. The necessary start up strategies and balance-of-plant (BoP) components including fuel and air supply, exhaust gas heat recovery, back-up power, power electronics and control system have been identified. The performance of the system is evaluated for different operating conditions. The results from these studies will be presented in this paper. Finally, the performance characteristics of the POX-SOFC unit have been compared to that of a steam reforming-SOFC system.