Environmental Effects on a Thermally Self-Sustained SOFC Hot Zone

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ECS Transactions

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environmental effects, thermally self-sustained SOFC hot zone


Chemical Engineering


High operating temperatures (600-1000oC) of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems have been a concern to many users as well as fuel cell developers. In portable applications, the challenges of how to heat the stack from ambient temperatures to operating temperatures and then maintain those temperatures need to be addressed. Moreover, illustrating the stability of the hot zone under various environmental temperatures has also become important for various applications. This paper reports relevant studies regarding the performance of a portable SOFC-based hot zone under different environmental temperatures. The results showed that decreasing the environmental temperatures could apparently decrease stack temperatures and CPOX temperatures, and slightly drop the hot zone power due to stack temperature variations. A model showing a good feasibility for analyzing heat losses in hot zones has been built.