Understanding Furniture Design Choices Using a 3D Virtual Showroom

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Journal of Interior Design

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furniture design, interior decoration, house furnishings, furniture industry, three-dimensional display systems, web-based user interfaces


Architecture | Other Architecture


This study is a Web-based investigation that utilizes virtual reality technology to understand the factors considered for residential furniture purchase and furniture style preference. In residential interior design, furniture has significant financial and symbolic meaning. From a broader perspective, residential furniture is important to the domestic furniture industry as well as to woodworking and textile markets. Despite this importance, little is known about how consumers make residential furniture choices and what designs or styles are preferred. The purpose of this study is to understand the most important factors involved in choosing living room furniture and to identify preferences for furniture style using an online virtual showroom application. In this survey, 301 college participants responded to questions regarding priorities and style preferences when purchasing living room furniture. The participants evaluated 117 living room furniture items representing three style categories: traditional, modern, and casual. The survey results demonstrated significant differences between males and females in their priority considerations, style preferences for furniture, and the number of possibilities they try before making final choices. This empirical study is an effort to provide important information on consumer characteristics and their furniture choices for interior practitioners and furniture industry personnel in a three-dimensional virtual furniture showroom constructed for the study.