The Process of Aesthetic Education in Design Studio: A Layperson's Acculturation to the Architecture and Design Community

Publication Title

Journal of Architectural & Planning Research

Publication Date

Winter 2013

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architectural design, design students, industrial design students, aesthetics, study and teaching


Architecture | Other Architecture


Discussions about various aspects of students' design solutions are the essential resource for knowledge in architectural design studio. One of those aspects is aesthetics. Using an empirical study of three design studios, this paper seeks to identify how architectural design studios deal with and teach the aesthetic aspects of architecture. Having spent a year of research involving observations and interviews using the grounded theory approach, the author argues that learning aesthetics in design studio is a process by which laypersons acculturate to the architecture and design community. The research findings identify design studio as a place for students to (1) learn and embody the aesthetics acquired in other courses, (2) open their eyes and be exposed to new aesthetics, and (3) learn to negotiate their aesthetics with instructors and reviewers. The author proposes a theoretical framework for a process of aesthetic education in architectural design studio. The findings and discussion aim to enhance educators' and students' understanding of the process of aesthetic education, the research regarding aesthetic education, and the teaching of aesthetics.