Submissions from 2016


Review: Photographic Architecture in the Twentieth Century, by Claire Zimmerman, Jon Yoder

Submissions from 2015

Aesthetic Theory and Interior Design Pedagogy, Ji Young Cho and Benyamin Schwarz

Submissions from 2014

Student Perceptions and Performance in Online and Offline Collaboration in an Interior Design Studio, Ji Young Cho and Moon-Heum Cho


Reducing Confusion about Grounded Theory and Qualitative Content Analysis: Similarities and Differences, Ji Young Cho and Eun-Hee Lee

The Traditional Worship and Social Reality. Richard J. Neutra's Religious Architecture, Brett David Tippey

Vision and Crime: The Cineramic Architecture of John Lautner, Jon Yoder

Submissions from 2013

Development and Evaluation of the Environment and Communication Assessment Toolkit with Speech-language Pathologists, C. Bruce, J. A. Brush, J. A. Sanford, and Margaret P. Calkins

Senior Environments: When We Become Them, Margaret P. Calkins

Customization and Autonomy : Characteristics of the Ideal Design Studio Instructor in Design Education, Ji Young Cho

The Process of Aesthetic Education in Design Studio: A Layperson's Acculturation to the Architecture and Design Community, Ji Young Cho

Submissions from 2011

Evaluating and Modifying the Communication Environment for People With Dementia, Jennifer A. Brush, Jon A. Sanford, Hannah Fleder, Carrie Bruce, and Margaret P. Calkins

Emotional Responses to Color Environments: An Experimental Study on Young and Older Adults Using a sSemi-Immersive Virtual Environment, So-Yeon Yoon and Ji Young Cho

Submissions from 2010

Let’s Have Our Own Ideas: Re-imagining Humanism in the Architectural Theory of Richard J. Neutra, Brett David Tippey

Understanding Furniture Design Choices Using a 3D Virtual Showroom, So-Yeon Yoon, Hyunjoo Oh, and Ji Young Cho

Submissions from 2009

Evidence-based Long Term Care Design, Margaret P. Calkins

Pedagogical Examination of an Award-Winning Instructor’s Studio Teaching, Ji Young Cho


Review: Vignette Films for Between Earth and Heaven: The Architecture of John Lautner, directed by Murray Grigor; Infinite Space: The Architecture of John Lautner, directed by Murray Grigor, Jon Yoder

Submissions from 2008

Environmental Interventions and Dementia, Jennifer A. Brush and Margaret P. Calkins

Submissions from 2007


Exploring the Cost and Value of Private Versus Shared Bedrooms in Nursing Homes, Margaret P. Calkins and C. Cassella

Effect of Increased Time Spent Outdoors on Individuals with Dementia Residing in Nursing Homes, Margaret P. Calkins, Joseph G. Szmerekovsky, and Stacey Biddle

Submissions from 2006

Measuring Physical and Social Environments in Nursing Homes for People with Middle- to Late-Stage Dementia, Susan Slaughter, Margaret P. Calkins, Michael Eliasziw, and Marlene Reimer

Book Review of: Max Page & Randall Mason: Giving Preservation a History: Histories of Historic Preservation in the United States, Brett David Tippey

Submissions from 2005

An Exploratory Study of Barriers to Implementing Technology in U.S. Residential Long-term Care Settings, V. Freedman, Margaret P. Calkins, and K. VanHaitsma

Submissions from 2004

Articulating Environmental Press in Environments for People With Dementia, Margaret P. Calkins

Missed Opportunities: The Disconnect Between Physical Design and Programming and Operations, Avalie R. Saperstein, Margaret P. Calkins, Kimberly Van Haitsma, and Kimberly J. Curyto

Submissions from 2003

Influences on Perceived Function of a Nursing Home Resident, Jennifer A. Brush, Travis T. Threats, and Margaret P. Calkins

Building Ideas: Research Impacting Design Impacting Research, Margaret P. Calkins

Powell Lawton's Contributions to Long-Term Care Settings, Margaret P. Calkins

Submissions from 2002


Using the Environment to Support Communication and Foster Independence in People with Dementia, Jennifer A. Brush, Margaret P. Calkins, and Rebecca A. Meehan

Design a Better Bathroom: Relaxing and Comforting, Margaret P. Calkins


What Is Your Building Saying?, Margaret P. Calkins

Designing for Dining: The Secret of Happier Mealtimes, Margaret P. Calkins and Jennifer A. Brush


The Therapeutic Environment Screening Survey for Nursing Homes (TESS-NH): An Observational Instrument for Assessing the Physical Environment of Institutional Settings for Persons with Dementia, P. Sloane, C. M. Mitchell, G. Weisman, S. Zimmerman, K. Lynn, Margaret P. Calkins, M. P. Lawton, H. Teresi, L. Grant, D. Lindeman, and R. Montgomery

Submissions from 2001

The Physical and Social Environment of the Person with Alzheimer's Disease, Margaret P. Calkins


Therapeutic Kitchens for Residents with Dementia, J. P. Marsden, Rebecca A. Meehan, and Margaret P. Calkins

Submissions from 2000

Defining Place-Based Models of Care: Conceptualizing Care Settings as Home, Resort, or Hospital, Sherylyn Briller and Margaret P. Calkins

Professional Environmental Assessment Procedure for Special Care Units for Elders with Dementing Illness and Its Relationship to the Therapeutic Environment Screening Schedule, M. P. Lawton, G. Weisman, P. Sloane, C. Norris-Baker, Margaret P. Calkins, and S. Zimmerman

Submissions from 1997


Impacts of a Therapeutic Environment for Dementia Care, Christine Kovach, Gerald Weisman, Habib Chaudhury, and Margaret P. Calkins

Submissions from 1994

The Environmental Context of Special Care, Gerald D. Weisman

Submissions from 1991


Environmental Modifications in a sSpecially Designed Unit for the Care of Patients with Alzheimer's Disease: An Overview and Introduction, Kevan H. Namazi, Peter J. Whitehouse, Linda R. Rechlin, Margaret P. Calkins, Beth DiNatale Johnson, Brenda A. Brabender, and Stephanie M. Hevener