Parity-Violating Electroweak Asymmetry in (E)Over-Right-Arrowp Scattering

KA Aniol, California State University - Los Angeles
Edgar E. Kooijman, Kent State University
HAPPEX Collaboration

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We have measured the parity-violating electroweak asymmetry in the elastic scattering of polarized electrons from He-4 at an average scattering angle =5.7 degrees and a four-momentum transfer Q(2)=0.091 GeV2. From these data, for the first time, the strange electric form factor of the nucleon G(E)(s) can be isolated. The measured asymmetry of A(PV)=(6.72 +/- 0.84((stat))+/- 0.21((syst)))x10(-6) yields a value of G(E)(s)=-0.038 +/- 0.042((stat))+/- 0.010((syst)), consistent with zero.