Submissions from 2017

Conversations with Ohio's Wine Leaders: Renaissance Makers, Amy N. Aiello Thomas, Danielle Weiser-Cline, and Lori L. Lee

Assessing Changes in Criminalistic Thinking, Kelly N. Legere, Marna Drum, and Bryan A. Jones

Submissions from 2016


Past the Power Law: Complex Systems and the Limiting Law of Restricted Diversity, Brian Castellani and Rajeev Rajaram


Cases, Clusters, Densities: Modeling the Nonlinear Dynamics of Complex Health Trajectories, Brian Castellani, Rajeev Rajaram, Jane Gunn, and Frances Griffiths

Cleveland, David J. Perusek

Ethnography, David J. Perusek

An Entropy Based Measure for Comparing Distributions of Complexity, Rajeev Rajaram and Brian Castellani

Submissions from 2015


Allostatic Load as a Complex Clinical Construct: A Case‐Based Computational Modeling Approach, J. Galen Buckwalter, Brian Castellani, Bruce McEwen, Arun S. Karlamangla, Albert A. Rizzo, Bruce John, Kyle O'Donnell, and Teresa Seeman

Place and Health as Complex Systems: A Case Study and Empirical Test, Brian Castellani, Rajeev Rajaram, J. Galen Buckwalter, Michael Ball, and Frederic Hafferty

Positive Assortative Pairing in Social and Romantic Partners: A Cross-Cultural Observational Field Study of Naturally Occurring Pairs, Aurelio J. Figueredo, Pedro S. A. Wolf, Sally G. Olderbak, Jon A. Sefcek, Martha Frías-Armenta, Carolina Vargas-Porras, and Vincent Egan


The Utility of Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Specifically Transport Theory, for Modeling Cohort Data, Rajeev Rajaram and Brian Castellani

Submissions from 2014


Focus: Complexity and the Failure of Quantitative Social Science, Brian Castellani

The Psychometric Assessment of Human Life History Strategy: A Meta-Analytic Construct Validation, Aurelio J. Figueredo, Pedro S. A. Wolf, Sally G. Olderbak, Paul R. Gladden, Heitor B. F. Fernandes, Christopher Wenner, Dawn Hill, Dok J. Andrzejczak, Melissa M. Sisco, W. Jake Jacobs, Zachary J. Hohman, Jon A. Sefcek, Daniel Kruger, Daniel P. Howrigan, Kevin MacDonald, and J. Philippe Rushton

Discounting of Money and Sex: Effects of Commodity and Temporal Position in Stimulant-Dependent Men and Women, David P. Jarmolowicz, Reid D. Landes, Darren R. Christensen, Bryan A. Jones, Lisa Jackson, Richard Yi, and Warren K. Bickel


Staphylococcus: The Resistant Kind, Julie Senita and Stacy Rose

Submissions from 2013

The Transformation of Contemporary Health Care: The Market, the Laboratory, and the Forum, Brian Castellani

Anatomy and Histology as Socially Networked Learning Environments: Some Preliminary Findings, Frederic W. Hafferty, Brian Castellani, Philip K. Hafferty, and Wojciech Pawlina

Conflicting Memories on the “River of Death”: The Chickamauga Battlefield and the Spanish-American War, 1863–1933, Bradley S. Keefer

Self-Control and Altruism, Matthew L. Locey, Bryan A. Jones, and Howard Rachlin

Submissions from 2012


Social Understanding: On Hermeneutics, Geometrical Models and Artificial Intelligence (Theory and Decision Library A:), Brian Castellani


Case-Based Modeling and the SACS Toolkit: A Mathematical Outline, Brian Castellani and Rajeev Rajaram

Evolutionary Personality Psychology, Aurelio J. Figueredo, Jon A. Sefcek, Candace J. Black, Rafael A. Garcia, and W. Jake Jacobs

Cancer, Culture, and Individual Experience: Public Discourse and Personal Affliction, David J. Perusek


Modeling Complex Systems Macroscopically: Case/Agent‐Based Modeling, Synergetics, and the Continuity Equation, Rajeev Rajaram and Brian Castellani

Delay Discounting, Locus of Control, and Cognitive Impulsiveness Independently Predict Tobacco Dependence Treatment Outcomes in a Highly Dependent, Lower Socioeconomic Group of Smokers, Christine Sheffer, James MacKillop, John McGeary, Reid D. Landes, Lawrence Carter, Richard Yi, Bryan A. Jones, Darren R. Christensen, Maxine Stitzer, Lisa Jackson, and Warren K. Bickel

Delay Discounting Predicts Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Outcome, Catherine Stanger, Stacy R. Ryan, Hongyun Fu, Reid D. Landes, Bryan A. Jones, Warren K. Bickel, and Alan J. Budney

Submissions from 2011

Single- and Cross-Commodity Discounting Among Cocaine Addicts: The Commodity and Its Temporal Location Determine Discounting Rate, Warren K. Bickel, Reid D. Landes, Darren R. Christensen, Lisa Jackson, Bryan A. Jones, Zeb Kurth-Nelson, and A David Redish

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Student Academic Success, Frances A. Freitas and Lora J. Morris Ms.


Real and Hypothetical Rewards in Self-Control and Social Discounting, Matthew L. Locey, Bryan A. Jones, and Howard Rachlin

Submissions from 2010

Hypothetical Intertemporal Choice and Real Economic Behavior: Delay Discounting Predicts Voucher Redemptions During Contingency-Management Procedures, Warren K. Bickel, Bryan A. Jones, Reid D. Landes, Darren R. Christensen, Lisa Jackson, and Michael Mancino

The Behavioral Economics of Drug Dependence: Towards the Consilience of Economics and Behavioral Neuroscience, Warren K. Bickel, Richard Yi, E. Terry Mueller, Bryan A. Jones, and Darren R. Christensen


Mind & Society: Special Issue on Social Simulation, Volume 8, Number 2, 2009, Brian Castellani

The Increasing Complexities of Professionalism, Frederic W. Hafferty and Brian Castellani

The Extended Self, Howard Rachlin and Bryan A. Jones

A Life-History Model of Human Fitness Indicators, Jon A. Sefcek and Aurelio J. Figueredo

Submissions from 2009


E-Social Science from a Systems Perspective: Applying the SACS Toolkit, Brian Castellani, Frederic Hafferty, and Michael Ball

Epidemiology and Susceptibilities of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus in Northeastern Ohio, Thierry Delorme, Julie Senita, Stacy Rose, Cynthia Callahan, and Payman Nasr

Eriksonian Lifespan Theory and Life History Theory: An Integration Using the Example of Identity Formation, Curtis S. Dunkel and Jon A. Sefcek

A Sociological Framing of Medicine's Modern-Day Professionalism Movement, Frederic W. Hafferty and Brian Castellani

Temporal Horizon: Modulation by Smoking Status and Gender, Bryan A. Jones, Reid D. Landes, Richard Yi, and Warren K. Bickel

Delay, Probability, and Social Discounting in a Public Goods Game, Bryan A. Jones and Howard Rachlin


MRSA Risk in Children: Widening Scope of Infection Requires Action, Stacy Rose and Julie Senita

Sociosexuality and Face Perception: Unrestricted Sexual Orientation Facilitates Sensitivity to Female Facial Cues, Donald F. Sacco, Kurt Hugenberg, and Jon A. Sefcek

From Staff Development to Academia: A Look Before You Leap, Julie Senita and Stacy Rose

Submissions from 2008


Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Among Younger Population in Northeastern Ohio, Payman Nasr, Thierry Delorme, Stacy Rose, Julie Senita, and Cynthia Callahan

Altruism Among Relatives and Non-Relatives, Howard Rachlin and Bryan A. Jones

Social Discounting and Delay Discounting, Howard Rachlin and Bryan A. Jones

The Use of Concept Maps to Evaluate Critical Thinking in the Clinical Setting, Julie Senita

Submissions from 2007

Grounding Cultural Relativism, David J. Perusek

Chimpanzee Facial Symmetry: A Biometric Measure of Chimpanzee Health, Jon A. Sefcek and James E. King

Submissions from 2006

The Ideal Romantic Partner Personality, Aurelio J. Figueredo, Jon A. Sefcek, and Daniel N. Jones

Consilience and Life History Theory: From Genes to Brain to Reproductive Strategy, Aurelio J. Figueredo, Geneva Vasquez, Barbara H. Brumbach, Stephanie M.R. Schneider, Jon A. Sefcek, Ilanit R. Tal, Dawn Hill, Christopher Wenner, and W. Jake Jacobs

Social Discounting, Bryan A. Jones and Howard Rachlin

The Evolutionary Psychology of Human Mate Choice: How Ecology, Genes, Fertility, and Fashion Influence Mating Strategies, Jon A. Sefcek, Barbara H. Brumbach, Geneva Vasquez, and Geoffrey F. Miller

Submissions from 2005

Sensational Interests, Mating Effort, and Personality, Vincent Egan, Aurelio J. Figueredo, Pedro S. A. Wolf, Kara McBride, Jon A. Sefcek, Geneva Vasquez, and Kathy Charles

The K -factor: Individual Differences in Life History Strategy, Aurelio J. Figueredo, Geneva Vasquez, Barbara H. Brumbach, Jon A. Sefcek, Beth R. Kirsner, and W. Jake Jacobs

Submissions from 2004

Revisiting Robin Goodfellow, Deborah Bice

Submissions from 2003


Frankenstein Meets Maslow, Deborah Bice and Tamra Courey

Data Mining: Qualitative Analysis with Health Informatics Data, Brian Castellani and John Castellani


Grounded Neural Networking: Modeling Complex Quantitative Data, Brian Castellani, John Castellani, and S Lee Spray

Submissions from 2002

Motherhood and Medicine: The Experience of Double Consciousness, Delese Wear and Brian Castellani

Submissions from 2001


Is Pathological Gambling Really a Problem?-You Bet!, Brian Castellani

Herbert Gold, David J. Perusek

Submissions from 2000

Physician Views on Practicing Professionalism in the Corporate Age, Brian Castellani and Delese Wear

(Re)considering Context in Patient-Doctor Relationships, Delese Wear and Brian Castellani

The Development of Professionalism: Curriculum Matters, Delese Wear and Brian Castellani

Submissions from 1999

Conflicting Plots and Narrative Dysfunction in Health Care, Delese Wear and Brian Castellani

Submissions from 1998

Plugging in the Particulars: A Medievalist Does Modern, Deborah Bice

Student Perceptions of Instructor Immediacy in Conventional and Distributed Learning Classrooms, Frances A. Freitas, Scott A. Myers, and Theodore A. Avtgis

Submissions from 1997

A Bi-Directional Theory of Addiction: Examining Coping and the Factors Related to Substance Relapse, Brian Castellani, Raymond Wedgeworth, Enoch Wootton, and Loreen Rugle

Stick to Life: A Sticker Competition for Smoking Prevention, Frances A. Freitas

Submissions from 1996

Adolescent Gambling, Brian Castellani

Homelessness, Negative Affect, and Coping Among Veterans with Gambling Problems who Misused Substances, Brian Castellani, Enoch Wootton, Loreen Rugle, Raymond Wedgeworth, Ken Prabucki, and Richard Olson

Submissions from 1995

A Comparison of Pathological Gamblers to Alcoholics and Cocaine Misusers on Impulsivity, Sensation Seeking, and Craving, Brian Castellani and Loreen Rugle

Submissions from 1994

A Season of Wheat, the Color of Hope, Deborah Bice

Submissions from 1993

Aborted Portraiture: Spenser's Rosalind, Deborah Bice

Submissions from 1989

Encounter With Papa, Deborah Bice