Congratulations to the Kent State University faculty who authored these publications.

Kent State University Libraries is happy to include this list of faculty publications from 2014 as part of our celebration of Faculty Appreciation Week


Submissions from 2014

Geochemical and Hydrologic Assessment of Drainage from Cherry Valley Coal Mine, Ohio, Gregory L. Aaron, Elizabeth M. Griffith, and David B. Hacker


Dual Relaxation and Structural Changes Under Uniaxial Strain in Main-Chain Smectic-C Liquid Crystal Elastomer, Dena Mae Agra-Kooijman, Michael R. Fisch, Leela Joshi, Wanting Ren, Philip J. McMullan, Anselm C. Griffin, and Satyendra Kumar


Columnar Molecular Aggregation in the Aqueous Solutions of Disodium Cromoglycate, Dena Mae Agra-Kooijman, Gautam Singh, Alexander Lorenz, Peter J. Collings, Heinz- S. Kitzerow, and Satyendra Kumar


Origin of Weak Layer Contraction in de Vries Smectic Liquid Crystals, Dena Mae Agra-Kooijman, HyungGuen Yoon, Sonal Dey, and Satyendra Kumar

Revised Predictive Model for Successful Introduction of Native Ohio Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) in Select Streams in Geauga and Lake counties, Ohio, Katherine Springer Amey

U.S. District Court Decision-Making in USA PATRIOT Act Cases after September 11, Christopher P. Banks and Steven Tauber


Variable Temporo-insular Cortex Neuroanatomy in Primates Suggests a Bottleneck Effect in Eastern Gorillas, Sarah K. Barks, Amy L. Bauernfeind, Christopher J. Bonar, Michael R. Cranfield, Alexandra A. de Sousa, Joseph M. Erwin, William D. Hopkins, Albert H. Lewandowski, Antoine Mudakikwa, Kimberly A. Phillips, Mary Ann Raghanti, Cheryl D. Stimpson, Patrick R. Hof, Karl Zilles, and Chet C. Sherwood

Teaching Empathy in Medical Ethics, Twelve Years Later, Deborah R. Barnbaum

A Learning Theory Conceptual Foundation for Using Capture Technology in Teaching, Victor Berardi and Greg Blundell,

Toward the Recovery of Neglected Meanings in Policing and Criminology, Tim J. Berard

"Captains Courageous": The Importance of Impressionist Art in Life, Richard M. Berrong

Louis Hémon's Intertextual Use of "Pêcheur d'Islande" in "Maria Chapdelaine": Making a Novel Set in Canada Speak about Problems in Pre-World War One France., Richard M. Berrong


The Past is Prologue: Archival Literacy as Bridge between Archivists and Educators, Shelley Blundell

Perceptions and Use of Learning Management System Tools and other Technologies in Higher Education: A Preliminary Analysis, Danielle Borboa, Mathew Joseph, Deborah F. Spake, and Atefeh Yazdanparast


The Cerebral Cortex of the Pygmy Hippopotamus, Hexaprotodon liberiensis (Cetartiodactyla, Hippopotamidae): MRI, Cytoarchitecture, and Neuronal Morphology, Camilla Butti, R Ewan Fordyce, Mary Ann Raghanti, Xiaosi Gu, Christopher J. Bonar, Bridget A. Wicinski, Edmund W. Wong, Jessica Roman, Alanna Brake, Emily Eaves, Muhammad A. Spocter, Cheuk Y. Tang, Bob Jacobs, Chet C. Sherwood, and Patrick R. Hof

‘The cunning of their ground’: The Relevance of Sejanus to Renaissance Tragedy, Peter M. Byrne


Focus: Complexity and the Failure of Quantitative Social Science, Brian Castellani

A Note on Isodual Constacyclic Codes, Bocong Chen and Hai Q. Dinh

Repeated-Root Constacyclic Codes of Length ℓp^s and Their Duals, Bocong Chen, Hai Q. Dinh, and Hongwei Liu

Functionality Analysis of an Open Source Repository System: Current Practices and Implications, Hsin-liang Chen and Yin Zhang

Student Perceptions and Performance in Online and Offline Collaboration in an Interior Design Studio, Ji Young Cho and Moon-Heum Cho


Reducing Confusion about Grounded Theory and Qualitative Content Analysis: Similarities and Differences, Ji Young Cho and Eun-Hee Lee

Stoichiometry and temperature sensitivity of methanogenesis and CO2 production from saturated polygonal tundra in Barrow, Alaska, Taniya Chowdhury, Elizabeth M. Herndon, Tommy J. Phelps, Dwayne A. Elias, Baohua Gu, Liyuan Liang, Stan D. Wullschleger, and David Graham

Beneath the Veil of the Strange Verses: Reading Scandalous Texts, Gary Ciuba

Breaking into the Field in a Tough Job Market, Joe C. Clark


Information-Seeking Behavior and Library Use by Distance Education Graduate Music Education Students, Joe C. Clark

Careers in Music Librarianship III: Reality and Reinvention, Susannah Cleveland and Joe C. Clark


GABA-mediated Presynaptic Inhibition is Required for Precision of Long-term Memory, Patrick K. Cullen, Brooke N. Dulka, Samantha Ortiz, David C. Riccio, and Aaron M. Jasnow


Competing Concepts of Culture: Irish Art at the 1924 Paris Olympic Games, Claire A. Culleton

Features of Digital African American Language in a Social Network Site, Jennifer M. Cunningham


Literacy and Identity When Approximating African American Language on Social Network Sites, Jennifer M. Cunningham

Wearing Your Words: Teaching Language Equity and Appropriateness, Jennifer M. Cunningham

Social Q&A or Library Virtual Reference Service: What is Behind the Choices of Chinese Information Seekers?, Shengli Deng, Lina Yang, and Yin Zhang

Dividend Irrelevance and Firm Control, Steven A. Dennis and William Steven Smith


Persistent Differences in Patterns of Brain Activation After Sports-Related Concussion: A Longitudinal Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study, A Dettwiler, M Murugavel, M Putukian, Valerie Cubon, J Furtado, and D Osherson


Technical Services Workflow for Book Jobber Mediated Demand Driven ebook Acquisitions, Kay Downey


A Comparative Study of Print Book and DDA Ebook Acquisition and Use, Kay Downey, Yin Zhang, Cristobal Urbano, and Tom Klingler

KSUL: An Evaluation of Patron-Driven Acquisitions for Ebooks, Kay Downey, Yin Zhang, Cristobal Urbano, and Tom Klingler


Print Book vs. DDA ebook Acquisition and Use at KSU Library, Kay Downey, Yin Zhang, Cristobal Urbano, and Tom Klingler


Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Grounded Theory Research, Claire Draucker, Halima Al-Khattab, Dana Hines, Jill Mazurczyk, Anne Russell, Pamela Stephenson, and Shannon Draucker


The Evolution of the Role of the Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Practice Registered Nurse in the United States, Barbara Drew


Synaptosomal Lactate Dehydrogenase Isoenzyme Composition is Shifted Toward Aerobic Forms in Primate Brain Evolution, Tetyana Duka, Sarah M. Anderson, Zachary Collins, Mary Ann Raghanti, John J. Ely, Patrick R. Hof, Derek E. Wildman, Morris Goodman, Lawrence I. Grossman, and Chet C. Sherwood


Middle School Students’ Reading Responses: A Linguistic Perspective, Zhihui Fang, Richard E. Ferdig, Zhijun Wang, and Brian K. Trutschel

Mild Hypothermia Can Disrupt Extinction Learning but Not Original Conditioning, Devin A. Fava and David C. Riccio

Multiple Models of Space and Movement on Taumako, a Polynesian Island in the Southeastern Solomons, Richard Feinberg

Of Judges and Jewelers: Pearl and the Life of Saint John, Susanna Fein


Developing a Framework for Understanding the Relationship Between Religion and Videogames, Richard E. Ferdig

The Psychometric Assessment of Human Life History Strategy: A Meta-Analytic Construct Validation, Aurelio J. Figueredo, Pedro S. A. Wolf, Sally G. Olderbak, Paul R. Gladden, Heitor B. F. Fernandes, Christopher Wenner, Dawn Hill, Dok J. Andrzejczak, Melissa M. Sisco, W. Jake Jacobs, Zachary J. Hohman, Jon A. Sefcek, Daniel Kruger, Daniel P. Howrigan, Kevin MacDonald, and J. Philippe Rushton


A pilot study of pediatric patient safety. Interruptions in Preanesthesia Nursing Workflow, Heidi M. Filer, Brooke L. Beringuel, Kathleen M. Frato, and Mary K. Anthony

Distributive Justice in Higher Education: Perceptions of Administrators, Shawn M. Fitzgerald, Daniel F. Mahony, Fashaad Crawford, and Hope Bradley Hnat


5,5'-Bis-(Alkylpyridinyl)-2,2'-Bithiophenes: Synthesis, Liquid Crystalline Behavior and Charge Transport, Yulia A. Getmanenko, Shin-Woong Kang, Naresh Shakya, Chandra Pokhrel, Scott D. Bunge, Satyendra Kumar, Brett D. Ellman, and Robert J. Wwieg


Randomized Controlled Feasibility Trial of Two Telemedicine Medication Reminder Systems for Older Adults with Heart Failure, Carly M. Goldstein, Emily C. Gathright, Mary A. Dolansky, John Gunstad, Anthony Sterns, Joseph D. Redle, Richard Josephson, and Joel Hughes


Terminology Registries for Knowledge Organization Systems: Functionality, Use, and Attributes, Koraljka Golub, Douglas Tudhope, Marcia Lei Zeng, and Maja Zumer

Catastrophic Emplacement of the Gigantic Markagunt Gravity Slide, Southwest Utah (USA): Implications for Hazards Associated with Sector Collapse of Volcanic Fields, David B. Hacker, Robert F. Biek, and Peter D. Rowley

Richard Wright and Haiku, Yoshinobu Hakutani

A Role for Chunk Formation in Statistical Learning of Second Language Syntax, Phillip Hamrick

Exploring Family Relationships through Associations of Comfort, Relatedness States, and Life Closure in Hospice Patients: A Pilot Study, Dana M. Hansen, Patricia A. Higgins, Camille Beckette Warner, and M. Murray Mayo

Fitting social media into the media landscape during a 2012 Republican Primary, Paul M. Haridakis, Gary Hanson, Mei-Chen Lin, and Jennifer Leigh Mccullough

Collaboration of School and Public Libraries Finding Common Ground with the Common Core to Serve Students with Special Needs, Meghan Harper

Information Needs of Church Worship Leaders, William Bryan Harris and Daniel Roland

A Parameter Property of Classical Solutions of Cauchy Problems, Min He

Spectroscopic (XANES/XRF) characterization of contaminant manganese cycling in a temperate watershed, Elizabeth M. Herndon, Carmen E. Martinez, and Susan L. Brantley

Instantiation: Academia's Pop-Up Museum, Corina M. Iannaggi and Kiersten F. Latham


Comparative Neuronal Morphology of the Cerebellar Cortex in Afrotherians, Carnivores, Cetartiodactyls, and Primates, Bob Jacobs, Nicholas L. Johnson, Devin Wahl, Matthew Schall, Busisiwe C. Maseko, Albert Lewandowski, Mary Ann Raghanti, Bridget Wicinski, Camilla Butti, William D. Hopkins, Mads F. Bertelsen, Timothy Walsh, John R. Roberts, Roger L. Reep, Patrick R. Hof, Chet C. Sherwood, and Paul R. Manger

Discounting of Money and Sex: Effects of Commodity and Temporal Position in Stimulant-Dependent Men and Women, David P. Jarmolowicz, Reid D. Landes, Darren R. Christensen, Bryan A. Jones, Lisa Jackson, Richard Yi, and Warren K. Bickel


Thermotropic Mesomorphism in Catanionic Surfactants Synthesized from Quaternary Ammonium Surfactants and Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate: Effect of Chain Length and Symmetry, Robin Jose, Tilesh Jayantilal Patel, Troy Allen Cather, Daniel Joseph Willhelm, Janusz Grebowicz, Haesook Han, Pradip Kumar Bhowmik, Lewis Sharpnack, Dena Mae Agra-Kooijman, and Satyendra Kumar


Phylogeny and Classification of Raninoida (Decapoda:Brachyura), Hiroaki Karasawa, Carrie E. Schweitzer, Rodney M. Feldmann, and Javier Luque

Richard Wright: A Documented Chronology, 1908-1960, Toru Kiuchi and Yoshinobu Hakutani


Experiencing Documents, Kiersten F. Latham

A Copy of a Fake of the Identical Facsimile Reproduced from the Real Original, Kiersten F. Latham and Corina M. Iannaggi

Review of "Catalogue 2.0: The Future of the Library Catalogue", edited by Sally Chambers, Peter Lisius

Maxwell's Handbook for RDA: Examining and Illustrating RDA: Resource Description and Access Using MARC 21, Peter H. Lisius

Revising and updating the inventory of cross-cultural sensitivity, Jennifer A. Mahon and Kenneth Cushner

Quantifying an early signature of the industrial revolution from lead concentrations and isotopes in soils of Pennsylvania, USA, Lin Ma, Jasper Konter, Elizabeth M. Herndon, Lixin Jin, Grit Steinhoefel, Diego Sanchez, and Susan Brantley


Reading and "Gamification", Marianne Martens

Accent and Speech Rate Effects in English as a Lingua Franca, Hiroko Matsuura, Reiko Chiba, Sean Mahoney, and Sarah Rilling


The Whole Student: Cognition, Emotion, and Information Literacy, Miriam L. Matteson


Old Wine in a New Bottle: Customer Orientation in Librarianship, Miriam L. Matteson and Cynthia Boyden


What Library Managers Should Know about Emotional Labor, Miriam L. Matteson and Shelly S. Miller

Understanding the Why: A Case Study in Managing the RDA Implementation, Margaret Beecher Maurer and Roman S. Panchyshyn

Senses of Space: Multiplying Models of Spatial Cognition in Oceania, Alexander Mawyer and Richard Feinberg

Musical Preferences and Forms of Life, Taylor P. McKenzie and Steven R. Brown

Valued Voices: Students' Use of Engagement in Argumentative History Writing, Ryan T. Miller, Thomas D. Mitchell, and Silvia Pessoa

Modeling Classification Systems in Multicultural and Multilingual Contexts, Joan S. Mitchell, Marcia Lei Zeng, and Maja Žumer

COPD in a Nationally Representative Sample: Sociodemographic Factors and Co-morbidity, Diagnosis Method, and Healthcare Utilization., Dana S. Mowls, Vinay K. Cheruvu, Robert Schilz, and Melissa D. Zullo


Clinical and Individual Factors Associated with Smoking Quit Attempts among Adults with COPD: Do Factors Vary with Regard to Race?, Dana S. Mowls, Vinay K. Cheruvu, and Melissa D. Zullo


A Longitudinal Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study Assessing White Matter Fiber Tracts After Sports-Related Concussion, M Murugavel, Valerie Cubon, M Putukian, R Echemendia, J Cabrera, D Osherson, and A Dettwiler

Portrait of Sixteenth-Century Disability? Quentin Matsys’s A Grotesque Old Woman, Sara Newman

RDA Display and the General Material Designation: An Innovative Solution, Roman S. Panchyshyn

Resource Description and Access (RDA) Database Enrichment: The Path to a Hybridized Catalog, Roman S. Panchyshyn and Amey L. Park

Development and Validation of a Measure of Sport Fans’ Specific Curiosity, Seong-Hee Park, Jae-Pil Ha, and Daniel F. Mahony

Students' Challenges and Development in the Transition to Academic Writing at an English-Medium University in Qatar, Silvia Pessoa, Ryan T. Miller, and David Kaufer


Feasibility Study: Home Telemonitoring for Patients With Lung Cancer in a Mountainous Rural Area, Trisha Petitte, Georgia Narsavage, Yea-Jyh Chen, Charles Coole, Tara Forth, and Kevin Frick

Paleomagnetic Results From The Eastern Caliente-Enterprise Zone, Southwestern Utah: Implications For Initiation of A Major Miocene Transfer Zone, Michael S. Petronis, Daniel Holm, John W. Geissman, David B. Hacker, and Billie J. Arnold

Paleomagnetic Results from the Eastern Caliente-Enterprise Zone, Southwestern Utah: Implications for Initiation of a Major Miocene Transfer Zone, Michael S. Petronis, Daniel K. Holm, John W. Geissman, David B. Hacker, and Billie J. Arnold


Informatics: Integrating a Geographic Information System into Nursing Research: Potentials and Challenges, Jehad Rababah, Andrew Curtis, and Barbara Drew


Humans and Great Apes Share Increased Neocortical Neuropeptide Y Innervation Compared to Other Haplorhine Primates, Mary Ann Raghanti, Melissa K. Edler, Richard S. Meindl, Jessica Sudduth, Tatiana Bohush, Joseph M. Erwin, Cheryl D. Stimpson, Patrick R. Hof, and Chet C. Sherwood

The Restricted Section: The Library at Hogwarts, Elizabeth A. Richardson and Sarah Wagner


Getting the Point Across: Exploring the Effects of Dynamic Virtual Humans in an Interactive Museum Exhibit on User Perceptions, Diego Rivera-Gutierrez, Richard E. Ferdig, Jian Li, and Benjamin Lok


Utility and Effectiveness of a Remote Telepresence Robotic System in Nursing Education in a Simulated Care Environment, Debi Sampsel, Patricia Vermeersch, and Charles Doarn