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Florence Allen portaying King Dushyanta is pictured on the front row fourth in to the right.

According to her biography Do Justly, Allen's final fling at college was in persuading her class to present as the Class Day play Sakuntala, by Kalidasa, the distinguished Hindu poet of the fifth century. This was not a highly professional project on her part. Needless to say, she could not read Sanskrit. All she had was a stilted translation, but she had fun working this translation into metrical verse, and they actually performed it. The leading actor of men's parts on the campus was unable to take part, so it fell to her with my strong voice and energetic, though by no means subtle, acting to play the part of the king. It was a terribly hot day and the play was given in the afternoon. She sweltered in the royal purple robe which they had rented from the costume shop, and wished she had never heard of Hindu drama.


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