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Corinne Tuckerman Allen (sitting in chair) and her three daughters Esther (left), Florence (middle), and Elizabeth (right) on the front porch of the family's 1st Avenue home in Salt Lake City, Utah.

During the time this photo was taken, Esther was living in Utah. She was briefly married to Henry Clinton Gaw, an auditor who passed away in 1912. Together they had one son, Emir Allen Gaw. Florence was residing in New York City, attending law school, and assisting clients at the New York League for Protection of Immigrants. In addition, she provided music lectures at schools and libraries in New York City to help cover the cost of tuiton. Elizabeth, the youngest Allen daughter, married Harrison Sloane, an attorney, in 1912 and they moved to San Diego, California to raise their three daughters.


Image Courtesy of Florence Allen McNeely


Salt Lake City, Utah


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