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The Tuckerman and Allen families on the front porch of the Tuckerman home in New Lyme, Ohio. This historical home still stands on Brownsville Road on its original location.

Esther Allen Gaw is leaning against the far right column of the porch. Clarence “Emir” Allen Jr. is wearing a hat and sitting on the second step from the bottom, in front of Esther Allen Gaw. Helen Allen Shockey is sitting in the middle to the right of the center column, next to a set of guns. Corrine Tuckerman Allen is standing on the other side of the center column and John "Jack" Alban Allen is sitting in front of her with his arms wrapped around one of his bent knees. Elizabeth Ellinwood Tuckerman is in a chair directly to the right of Corrine. Elizabeth Allen Sloane is sitting next to John, immediately to his left. Florence Ellinwood Allen is sitting toward the front row on the third step.


Image Courtesy of Florence Allen McNeely

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adolescence, New Lyme, Ashtabula County, Ohio


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