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Front row left to right: Clarence Allen (1852-1932), Esther Allen Gaw (1879-1973), and Corinne Tuckerman Allen (1856-1931)

Middle row left to right: Clarence “Emir” Allen (1891-1918) and John “Jack” Allen (1894-1924)

Top row left to right: Elizabeth Allen Sloane (1889-1970), Florence Allen (1884-1966), and Helen Allen Shockey (1881-1953)

A family together but divided. It was during this period that Clarence Allen moved back to Salt Lake City to serve as a superintendent and mine manager for the United States Mining Company, while Helen and Esther enrolled at Western Reserve University (Case Western Reserve University) in Cleveland. Florence lived with the Tuckerman family and attended the New Lyme Institute, a co-educational preparatory school in Ashtabula County. Jacob Tuckerman, Florence’s grandfather, was the first President of the school from 1882 till his death in 1897.


Image Courtesy of Florence Allen McNeely


adolescence, Salt Lake City, Utah


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