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Developing the scientific framework for urban geochemistry
Lisa G. Chambers, Yu-Ping Chin, Gabriel M. Filippelli, Christopher B. Gardner, Elizabeth M. Herndon, David T. Long, W Berry Lyons, Shawn P. McElmurry, Colleen E. McLean, Joel Moore, Ryan P. Moyer, Klaus Neumann, Carmen A. Nezat, and Kei Soderberg


Geochemical drivers of organic matter decomposition in Arctic tundra soils
Elizabeth M. Herndon, Ziming Yang, John Bargar, and Noemie Janot


Pathways of anaerobic organic matter decomposition in tundra soils from Barrow, Alaska
Elizabeth M. Herndon, Benjamin F. Mann, Taniya Chowdhury, Ziming Yang, Stan D. Wullschleger, David Graham, Liyuan Liang, and Baohua Gu


Landscape heterogeneity drives contrasting concentration–discharge relationships in shale headwater catchments
Elizabeth M. Herndon, A L. Dere, P L. Sullivan, D Norris, B Reynolds, and S L. Brantley


Indexing permafrost soil organic matter degradation using high-resolution mass spectrometry
Benjamin F. Mann, Hongmei Chen, Elizabeth M. Herndon, Roaslie K. Chu, Nikola Tolic, Evan F. Portier, Taniya Chowdhury, Errol Robinson, Stephen J. Callister, Stan D. Wullschleger, David Graham, Liyuan Liang, and Baohua Gu


Importance of vegetation for manganese cycling in temperate forested watersheds
Elizabeth M. Herndon, Lixin Jin, Danielle M. Andrews, David M. Eissenstat, and Susan L. Brantley


Microtopographic and depth controls on active layer chemistry in Arctic polygonal ground
B D. Newman, H M. Throckmorton, David Graham, Baohua Gu, S S. Hubbard, Liyuan Liang, J M. Heikoop, Elizabeth M. Herndon, T J. Phelps, C J. Wilson, and Stan D. Wullschleger


Stoichiometry and temperature sensitivity of methanogenesis and CO2 production from saturated polygonal tundra in Barrow, Alaska
Taniya Chowdhury, Elizabeth M. Herndon, Tommy J. Phelps, Dwayne A. Elias, Baohua Gu, Liyuan Liang, Stan D. Wullschleger, and David Graham


Quantifying an early signature of the industrial revolution from lead concentrations and isotopes in soils of Pennsylvania, USA
Lin Ma, Jasper Konter, Elizabeth M. Herndon, Lixin Jin, Grit Steinhoefel, Diego Sanchez, and Susan Brantley


Spectroscopic (XANES/XRF) characterization of contaminant manganese cycling in a temperate watershed
Elizabeth M. Herndon, Carmen E. Martinez, and Susan L. Brantley


Movement of manganese contamination through the Critical Zone
Elizabeth M. Herndon and Susan Brantley


Soils Reveal Widespread Manganese Enrichment from Industrial Inputs
Elizabeth M. Herndon, Lixin Jin, and Susan Brantley


Encounter With Papa
Deborah Bice

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