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Managing the Advantages and Challenges of Multiple Library Consortia: The View from Within the Library

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Journal of Access Services

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Library consortia, OhioLINK, cooperative collection development, resource sharing


Library and Information Science


The authors are both managers in OhioLINK libraries and have complex experiences working within a variety of simultaneous library consortial agreements. Their librarians’-eye view of consortia allows for a discussion of the nature of that landscape, some perspectives on the benefits and advantages of consortia as well as thoughts on the challenges and limitations of consortia. They conclude that while consortial partnerships hold the key to greater efficiencies and strength in libraries, the overlapping layers of consortial agreements that connect libraries form almost a web that can be constricting. Libraries should continue to be creative about how they exploit the power of consortial relationships, but they also need to learn how to lower the administrative overhead created by these agreements, particularly in the areas of communication and the organizational flow of information. Finally, the authors recommend that consortium committees spend more time onshort- and long-term strategic planning.

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