Submissions from 2014

Features of Digital African American Language in a Social Network Site, Jennifer M. Cunningham


Literacy and Identity When Approximating African American Language on Social Network Sites, Jennifer M. Cunningham

Wearing Your Words: Teaching Language Equity and Appropriateness, Jennifer M. Cunningham

Richard Wright and Haiku, Yoshinobu Hakutani

Richard Wright: A Documented Chronology, 1908-1960, Toru Kiuchi and Yoshinobu Hakutani

How Grew Such Presence from Man’s Shameful Swarm’: Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Victorian Masculinity, Jay D. Sloan

Submissions from 2013

Victorian Quarantines: Holding the Borders Against ‘Fevered’ Italian Masculinity in Dante Gabriel Rossetti's ‘St. Agnes of Intercession', Jay D. Sloan

Rainbows in the Past Were Gay: LGBTQIA in the WC, Jay D. Sloan and Andrew Rihn

Submissions from 2011

Mary to Veronica: John Audela'ys Sequence of Salutations to God-Bearing Women, Susanna Fein

Richard Wright’s Haiku, Zen, and the African ‘Primal Outlook upon Life’, Yoshinobu Hakutani

Submissions from 2010

Some Unique Elements in Richard Wright's Autobiography, Yoshinobu Hakutani

Submissions from 2009

The Double Bind: Leprosy in Two Hawaiian Tales by Jack London, Sanford E. Marovitz

Submissions from 2007

Richard Wright's Haiku and the African Primal Outlook on Life, Yoshinobu Hakutani

Submissions from 2002


Web and Database Network Environments for Educational Supply and Demand, Richard E. Ferdig and Richard Hartshorne